On Saturday the 1st of June i did my first Holy Communion. First we had photos  then we went to the church. At the church theh children making there commuion have reseverd seats at the front and the familys had to find seats. After church we all went home or some people went to restrunts i went to my house at home we had a food table a drink table and a lollie table. i got some presants to. I HAD A GREAT TIME RECIVING MY FIRST HOLY COMMUNION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU ENJOY YOUR FIRST HOLY COMMUNION


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On Thursday 30th May all students in Year Prep to Year 6 went on a whole school excursion to see the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Ian Potter Art Gallery.

You need to write a reflection about your experiences on our excursion. Remember good writers describe events clearly with lots of detail. Think about your senses to help you describe the day. Your blog comment should be written like a letter with a greeting, content and a closing

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On Wednesday the 20th of March our school had 3 visitors from the Richmond Footy Club. Their names were Dustin Martin, Daniel Jackson and Aaron Edwards. We were practising skills like hand balling, bouncing and rolling. We got split up into teams to do this. We have practice runs and races. At the end we had kick offs. Afterwards we got to ask some questions. We all had a good day.


On Wednesday the 20th March we went to a Richmond Football Clinic. The Richmond players who came were Dustin Martin, Daniel Jackson and Aaron Edwards. They showed us lots of skills. Some of the skills were hand balling, bouncing the football, kicking goals and races. After that we did questions and got their signatures. Then they tried to kick a goal from on side of the oval. They all got a point. Overall we had a great time.


On Wednesday the 20th March we had a footy clinic. Three people from Richmond came to Holy Family School. First we did some rolling, hand passing and kicking with the football. We all had so much fun and they took pictures with us. At the end we got signatures from the players. Their names were Dustin Martin, Daniel Jackson and Aaron Edwards. It was a great day!


On Wednesday the 20th March three Richmond Players came to our school. They were Dustin Martin, Daniel Jackson and Aaron Edwards. First they told us information about footy and themselves. Secondly we did some hand passes. In all the relays we did a practice round before we raced. There were seven teams. Thirdly we got into a full group and did a footy competition. The last goal went to Ella (a Richmond supporter). Finally we sat down altogether and the kids asked questions and they answered them. At the end we got their signatures. We all ended up having such a great time with them and learnt lots.


On Wednesday the 20th March, 2013 three Richmond Football players came to our school. Dustin Martin, Daniel Jackson and Aaron Edwards were teaching us about football. We had to bounce the ball and hand pass. They also told us how to do blind turns and kick a goal. We all had fun with the Richmond players. Go Tigers!


Today Richmond players came to our school. There names were Dustin Martin, Daniel Jackson and Aaron Edwards. They were really nice. They did some drills. There were hand balling and bouncing. They showed us the two ways to bounce the footy. We also spun around and hand passed to the next person. Dustin Martin kicked a goal from one side of the oval to the other!

Today Year 3/4s went to the footy clinic. It had Dustin Martin, Daniel Jackson and Aaron Edwards. We thought today was fun but we did not realy like that it was during our lunch time. Otherwise it was awesome. We loved the footy clinic.

Here is the autograph they wrote for our school:

Which football team to you barrack for?
Who is your favourite football player?
Which team do you predict will win the 2013 AFL grand final?


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Anzac Day is held each year on April 25th. It is a day when people in Australia, New Zealand, and Turkey may remember those who died in wars, especially on the Gallipoli Peninsula during World War 1.

Although Anzac Day is thought of as mainly an Australian and New Zealand national day, people from many other nations were also involved in the fighting on the Gallipoli Peninsular in Turkey during 1915.

What happens on ANZAC Day?

Why do you think April 25th was chosen as the day on which to remember the Anzacs?

Why do you think that Anzac Day is such an important day in Australia and New Zealand?

The word ANZAC is an acronym. Each letter is the beginning of another word. What do these letters
A__________ N__________ Z___________ A_________ C__________ stand for?

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Today was Easter i had a lot of fun collecting the Easter eggs.

I got alot of easter eggs I also got a easter bunny a colouring book and a new york jumper


what did you do on easter


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Good Friday is when Jesus died on the cross. Good Friday is when you dont eat meat chiken sausages and all the other meats.

What did you do on good Friday




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When 2013 started it was very exciting our friends came around in the morning and stayed for a sleepover. when it was 10:00 we counted down from 10.Then 2013 started we had glow stick sand party poppers. Me and my friends went to bed at 3:00 in the morning.


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On the 19th of December 2012 it was the last day of school on the last day of school my class played games and did activities it was fun but we didn’t have miss Dickson because she was having knee surgery so we had Mrs fazzino. Mrs fazzino has a box with prizes but you have to get raffle tickets then you put them in a container and at the end of the day or the week Mrs fazzino put her hand in the container and pulls out 5 raffle tickets our if we are good Mrs fazzino pulls out 6 raffle tickets and if Mrs fazzino pulls out your name you get a prize but if you get your name pulled out again you don’t get another prize and at the end of the last day of school we do a raffle we have 1st 2nd and 3rd the last day of school is a fun day but i still miss my teacher.


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Miss dickson is the best teacher ever but on friday the 14th Miss dickson had to leave school because Miss dickson had to have knee surgery. Miss dickson is my favourite teacher Miss dickson gave us all a presant it had 2 lolliepops, a notepad , a pencil, a rubber, a chrsmas ball and Miss dickson gave all of us a disk of all our memmories in 2/3D we watched in class it was great.

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Miss c was our student techer for four weeks she is the best student teacher ever.!today miss c went because she had to go on a holiday to lots of diffrent places. i hope she comes back to holy family so she can see us all again, i hope she has a great holiday. miss c is the best student ever.i hope i see here again.

Have you had a student teacher before




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